Dial a Bottle Toronto

We charge as low as $8.99 for home deliveries.
For each additional stop Dial a Bottle Toronto Downtown charge $2.99.
For non – residence including Hotel / Motel / Guest House we charge $15.99.
10% surcharge may apply.

++++++surcharge apply on total.

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We are doing home delivery from LCBO, Beer Stores and convenient stores in downtown Toronto. Dial A Bottle – Serving Toronto Downtown  Our service is fast and reliable. Liquor beer delivery for you.

Liquor delivery Toronto

In Canada you can buy liquor only in LCBO locations. People buy liquor as a form of entertainment, to accompany snacks and beverages at social get-togethers and parties. If you have a party or special ocassion, we can do liquor delivery Toronto for you. Just give us a call.

LCBO location in Toronto with Bussiness hours

Beer delivery in Toronto

Need a beer in the hurry? Dial a bootle downtown is company where you could place your order for beer and they’d have the carton delivered at your doorstep. Reliable beer delivery Toronto.

How to Choose a Beer?
It is necessary to know a little about beer to choose the perfect one to order at a beer delivery Toronto. You might be used to a certain brand but may not be very fond of it. Some research can yield fruitful results as it helps you decide what suits your tastes rather than going with the crowd or trend. There are various kinds of beers and you can identify each type through its typical characteristics.

Take a look at Beer Store web site for business hours.

How to Choose Alcoholic Drinks for a Weekend Party at Toronto Home?

Organising a party at home can be a challenging job. It is crucial to get a perfect assortment of drinks to make the occasion a success. You may go by the following tips before you take on the services of dial a bottle Toronto to get the drinks delivered at your house party.

Type and Size of the Event
Settle on the kind of party you would like to arrange for your guests. Recently we supplay party for window film company Toronto. A lunch or dinner party does not call for as much alcohol, as an evening cocktail event. A barbecue in your backyard on a warm afternoon will have your guests thirsting for cool refreshing beers. Arrange for a large keg. It is advisable to place orders based on the number of guests and the duration of the party, as well.

Kind of Guests
You must get drinks to suit your guests. If you plan to hold a formal dinner party to close an important business deal, be sure to include an abundant supply of vintage wines and spirits. Arrange for some whisky after dinner. An informal gathering of a group of young friends calls for beers and trendy cocktails. If a sophisticated group of people make up your guest list at a lunch party at home, arrange for a selection of red and white wines from dial a bottle Toronto.

Deciding on Cocktails
You can never go wrong with the classic mixes like Daiquiri, Martini, Manhattan, Screwdriver and the evergreen gin and tonic at a cocktail party. You may ask the professionals at dial a bottle Toronto to flavour the drinks with a choice of bitters that could include cassia, orange peel, cascarilla, gentian, and quinine.
Do not forget to include Caesar, a favourite on the list of classic Canadian cocktails. You may add some honey, milk, cream, herbs and spices to create interesting variations of the standard cocktails.

Get a Wide Variety
It is advisable to select an extensive assortment of drinks to liven up the conversation. Arrange for whiskey, rum, vodka and various kinds of wines. Have plenty of beer. This may keep guests away from hard drinks. Ensure that you make available mixers.

Standard Serving Guidelines
In general, count on two drinks for every guest for the first hour at your house party. You may add a serving for each subsequent hour. It is advisable to know the preference of your guests regarding wines and liqueurs.
If most of your guests prefer white wine, ask for thrice as many bottles of white wine than red when you place your order at dial a bottle Toronto. If you want to serve champagne as a toast, consider one glass per guest. A 750 ml bottle can fill up six glasses. If you want to mix cocktails at home, you may avail of one 750 ml bottle of gin or vodka to make up 15 glasses.
A cocktail party can last up to two hours and you may plan about three or four cocktails per guest. It is customary to serve one drink per guest, after a dinner party. A 750 ml bottle of whiskey should be enough for ten people.